Media/FDA: It’s horse paste, Dummy!

Fun side note – this image got reposted by the legend himself: Dr. Pierre Kory! (here).


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Covid 19: The Science is Clear!

God help us all.


(One of many links
Covid 19: Nurse in South Florida explains what has really been doing on (9/3/21)
Covid 19 (Fauci): Don’t You Believe in Science? (9/1/21)
Dr. Simone Gold: Researching side effects AFTER they administered the vaccines to hundreds of millions of people?
COVID Positive Patients Are Told Type of Variant They’re Infected With Cannot Be Legally Disclosed

Globalist American Empire vs Taliban

Nothing against the pro-America troops who signed up to defend our country and everyone is free to have their own opinion … but to me it’s pretty clear the entire war was not what we were told, an insane waste of American taxpayer money and lives and should have never happened. Our losing that “war” is a fitting sign of what our once-great nation has become. The Globalist American Empire is a joke and this will likely not be the last embarrassment we suffer until/unless we get a government/leader who restores America to greatness by returning to the faith and aspirations of our founding fathers.


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God Bless Mike Lindell

Like Alex Jones you have to take Mike Lindell with some conditions/understandings … but that aside there is no question the man is a sincere, Christ-following, true American patriot who has sacrificed a lot for this country. They lie about him constantly, and he often damages himself needlessly, but I am still thankful for and pray God blesses Mike Lindell.

The Continued Rise of Gab.com

More links/info later … but Gab.com continues to rise in prominence as the legacy big tech machines continue to dig their own graves by censoring, deplatforming and financially terrorizing Christians and patriotic Americans.



January 6th, 2021

Reminder: The people calling 1/6/21 an “insurrection” are the same people who wasted 3 years and $45,000,000 on the russia hoax (… and also never apologized or admitted they were wrong/lying).

Square Version


Revolver’s Jan. 6th Reporting Changed the Game: Read Our Top Jan. 6 Investigative Stories Here
Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open

… more to come.

NJF After 4 Years of Free Speech

In case anyone wasn’t aware … free speech does not exist in America. After four years of simply doing a livestream political show Nick Fuentes is deplatformed from every social media service, many web hosting services and the big finance services as well. He’s never condoned or encouraged violence, always recommends peaceful/political solutions, he even makes it clear he’s a Christian and suggests everyone else follow Christ as well … yet all these “free market” organizations have banned him for political statements or edgy jokes they don’t like – on top of this many mainstream news “social justice” type organizations slander him over and over no matter how many times he’s refutes/disproves their claims. Worst of all many so called “Conservative” groups/organizations ban and shun Nick as well (for similar reasons). What a sad state of affairs America is in…

Who Is Actually Deplatformed

Kind of a cheesy/info graphic I know but I wanted to point out how the true Trump/America First patriots are insanely slandered, censored and deplatformed … while the “conservative” voices we see on TV/etc in 2021 have millions of funding and aren’t censored or deplatformed anywhere. Clearly the bottom row are no threat to the system …