100 Days of Biden

Pardon the cliche/generic graphic (and pretty rough rendition of “President” Biden’s face) but after his joint address the other night (AND the offensively spineless, useless, toothless GOP response which I won’t even get into) I felt the need to document some of the things he didn’t mention (i.e. the country collapsing mostly thanks to him).


No Fly List

Yesterday Nicholas J. Fuentes found out he had been put on the US No Fly List yesterday even though he’s committed no crimes, never called for violence, etc … likely simply for being a prominent political voice who attended (but never went inside) the Capital on Jan 6th. Someone made a joke in passing about “put Nick on the 20 dollar bill” and that stuck w/me … so here’s my attempt at it. Whatever you think of Nick he is one of the (actual) civil rights icons of our time – banned from nearly everything (and now flying) simply for having the wrong political opinions/jokes. God help us.

Dollar Format



Fighting to Prevent This

Forgot to post this one (from mid-April) – it was inspired from an American WWII propaganda poster that (falsely) claimed that Germany was going to invade America and take our churches away – thought I was do a modern-day version of it but not actually based on a lie. If only our WWII vets could see the state of America now … what a disgrace of a country we’ve become.

Here’s the original image/poster by the way.

Freedom of the Press!

This one’s a bit out there – very rough attempt at a Batman Arkham Asylum style graphic starring two of our “favorite” “news” people. Not much to say about this that isn’t obvious – likely stirred up by last week’s #ExposeCNN stuff from James O’Keefe.


Project Veritas Videos

#ExposeCNN: Part 1
#ExposeCNN: Part 2
#ExposeCNN: Part 3

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