Everything is Fake and Rigged

What happens now that everyone can see everything is fake and rigged?

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(more of above video: part 2, part 3, part 4)

Robinhood $GME $AMC

Obvious one (following last week’s Wall Street rigging) but I had to do it …
(And in case not obvious, artwork credit here goes to Disney’s original epic illustrators, I just copied/reworked their characters for this topic)


Robinhood locks out traders from GameStop, AMC, Nokia and others

Joe Biden: Illegitimate President*

I don’t love doing quick graphics but this is a same-day one I rushed out after today’s very sad event of Biden being “inaugurated” president … behind razor wire fences and 25,000 military troops (more military personnel than we have in Iraq/Afghanistan *combined* btw). God help us.

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Update 2/24/21

Thought this was kinda funny so thought I’d archive/share:



Get on Gab!

God bless the guys at Gab.com. Here’s hoping the big tech oligarchs and censorship regime never take them down.

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Gab CEO Andrew Torba Speaks Exclusively to Revolver News About His Plan to Save Free Speech and America

The Big Tech Exodus is Here Get On Gab

The Inspiring True Story of Gab.com

Biden Totally Won*

Nothing suspicious here …

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Globalist Oligarchs Deplatform The American President

Kind of quick one for what happened this past Friday (links below).


January 6th #StopTheSteal

Very quick one for this week’s events. May God bless President Trump and God save America.

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Part 2

Part 3