STFU Twitter

This is a very simple browser extension for Brave/Chrome that I made (for myself) a few days ago (took a few iterations to get working ok/so far). Not sure if anyone else will try/like it but I love it because it hides all the Twitter “this is disputed”/censorship BS! Try it out here if interested: If anyone finds any bugs/etc please leave a note/review on the Chrome Web Store page. I’ve also created a landing “page” on Facebook here for future updates/comments etc.

Anyone else sick of the stupid “disputed” crap that Twitter stamps all over tweets they don’t like (i.e. 80% of @realDonaldTrump tweets)? Try this free browser extension that gets rid of all of that BS:

#BigTech #ElectionMeddling #Censorship #Section230


Where Were You?

Just find/found it interesting how Charlie Kirk, a guy with direct access to the President and who has millions of funding from “GOP” and Con, Inc. organizations has only showed up to one of the Stop The Steal protests … while Nicholas J. Fuentes, someone banned on many platforms and entirely funded by superchats (and merch when his store isn’t banned) has paid for plane tickets and security to attend and speak at over 5 Stop The Steal events within a few weeks time. Shows you who is interested in defending the President and who’s in it for the money/etc. Meanwhile Kirk is focusing on the #SaveTheSenate nonsense while Trump is fighting traitors on all sides – shameful.