The Real Great Reset

Just a quick one on how far too many elected Republicans are not fighting for Trump in the obviously tainted (stolen) 2020 Election.

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StopTheSteal I

Pay attention to who is fighting for President Trump right now and who is nowhere to be found. #StopTheSteal

Series of images from recent #StopTheSteal events – primarily around the work of Nicholas J. Fuentes and Alex Jones in Georgia and DC.

Standalone image of Nick and Alex.

Few related videos

Election 2020 Crime Scene

Another same-day semi-rushed one. Print options here.

Square version (for Instagram)

InfoWars Used this Graphic!

Friend told me the other day that he saw my graphic in an InfoWars commercial – very cool! Sadly they didn’t request permission or give any credit but still pretty epic. Here’s a screenshot and video for reference:



Election 2020 Crime Scene Reference


Count All LEGAL Votes

Rushed this one out so it’s a bit rougher than normal..